What Is a Successful Dental Practice?

By Manny Sidhu


February 7, 2020

Starting a business such as a dental practice is, without a doubt, a lot easier than maintaining it and growing your customer (patient) base. Many dentists start a clinic but find that they cannot keep their operations running smoothly on an ongoing basis. After all, they went to dental school, not business school.

It is easy to get so busy that you forget or neglect other factors that would make your patients stay loyal and keep coming back. In truth, it is not only your dental services that will leave a good impression on your patients, but also how you manage your clinic and staff.

The more your patients feel at home and experience less hassle, the more they will want to come back to you. Thus, you must be able to provide the best dental healthcare service and learn how to manage your clinic to ensure your patients’ and employees’ well-being and satisfaction.

Let’s talk about how you can do all of that – it’s easier than you think.

Qualities of a Successful Dentist’s Office

The following are some of the proven qualities of dental practices that could instantly improve your clinic’s overall success:

1. Uniqueness Among Dentists in the Area

To be able to stand out from the other dental clinics in your area, you must learn how to establish your brand as the best. You must also identify, advertise, and maintain your unique competitive advantages.

These unique competitive advantages may be the wide array of oral health services you offer, or the fact that you specialize in a specific offering that is uncommon in your area. Think about what makes you really stand out, even if it’s the outstanding location. Clients are impressed with a great location!

2. Skilled and Confident Dental Staff

You should have a comprehensive dental team and staff, from the receptionist to the hygienist. Your receptionist must exude exceptional professionalism, a kind attitude, and excellent communication skills, since they are usually the first person your patients see when they walk in.

It is also ideal if your staff members don’t have to work outside of their job descriptions so that they can focus on their tasks and on your patients. If you have a smaller team, it is a good idea to consider outsourcing business services like insurance verification, billing, and collections.

3. Maximize Your Office Hours to Accommodate Your Clientele

You do not need to work longer hours; all you need to do is to work smarter hours. You can start by considering what types of people come to your practice, and whether different office hours would be better for their schedule. It may be a good idea to change your operating hours to accommodate more patients.

4. Have a User-Friendly Scheduling System

In any business, schedule changes, cancellations, and new bookings are inevitable. But by having a flexible and efficient dental scheduling system in your clinic, you would be able to control your clinic’s patient flow, maximize your productivity, and lessen both your staff members’ and your patients’ stress.

5. Regularly Check Your Inventory

It is essential that you always have the right products and quantities on hand. It can also significantly help if you knew which products are the most popular and how much you need to buy next time.

6. Provide Financing Options

People often skip going to the doctor and dentist due to costs. Thus, having a cost-effective financial policy would attract new patients. You can offer both short- and long-term financing options for your various treatment plans.

Moreover, you can allow various payment options for your patients, whether debit cards, credit cards, personal checks, or cash. If you are having any trouble with this, you can seek assistance from an outside dental billing company.

7. Market Yourself

Maintaining existing patients is more than just providing exceptional services, convenient scheduling hours, and an accessible location. It is also about reaching out to your patients and earning their respect and trust. You can engage with them through direct mail, social media, and email.

Outsource Your Dental Billing with Prospa

By adopting and integrating all of the above into your dental practice, you can optimize the services you offer and also maintain an incredibly successful dentistry office. But to do that, it’s best to outsource some or all of it to an outside team who knows how exactly to put you in the right position.

At Prospa Billing, we can take care of all of it for you – so you and your dental staff can focus on your patients. To find out more about how we can help you grow your practice, contact us today by calling us at (844) 663-3686 or fill out our online request form to schedule a consultation with our specialists. We look forward to showing you how we can help your practice grow and thrive!

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