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Do you want to focus more on your patient care and practice growth rather than complicated dental billing tasks? Well, Worry not anymore, Prospa Billing can handle-all your Stress so you can have streamlined smooth running practice.

The OMS Billing/ Dental Billing for Oral Surgery Practices can be complex and overwhelming, however it is important to submit the claims correctly to ensure timely payments . Not to mention this complex billing if not done right can result in huge loss. As experts in medical and dental billing, we carry out complex oral surgery billing with unmatched attention to detail and accuracy. In turn, we alleviate the time commitment it takes to properly conduct admin tasks and train staff, as well as avoid any costly delays. From claims submissions, to collections and and everything in between, we cover all your bases. We work with your team together to make the billing process more streamlined and effective.

Sick of Dealing With Dental Insurance Billing & Want to Get Paid Faster?

It’s hard enough running a busy oral surgery practice, without the added hassle of dealing with insurance billing and collections.
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Our Dental Billing Team specializes in OMS Billing & coding and is passionate about providing best-in-class Billing Service to our busy Oral Surgery practices. We can help you manage all aspects of dental insurance billing including claim processing, A/R Management, payment posting, billing/coding etc. We go above and beyond to make sure that you collect 100% of that you rightfully owe. If you want to maximize your collection and focus more on patient care, then outsource dental billing to Prospa Billing today and start enjoying improved revenues.

Lower Your Cost and Increase Your Cash Flow

Have you taken a close look at the amount of time you spend doing paperwork for insurance companies and chasing payments? It all adds up, and that’s time better spent on more productive tasks, including patient care. And if you don’t get your paperwork right, you’ll spend a lot of extra time and slow down your payments even more.

As specialists in insurance billing and collections, we can help you save time and increase your cash flow. Our team includes certified dental coders and medical cross-coders who are experts in the complex back-end processes of insurance billing.


We understand the OMS coding and billing is complicated and understanding details of oral surgery billing can be overwhelming. Getting it right is critical to get paid on time and keep cash flowing. Most dental and oral surgery practices face one or more of the following issues when it comes to managing insurance billing and collections:

Hiring extra staff to do insurance billing and collections


Dealing with staff turnover and retraining


Billing errors that cost you time and money


Correcting and verifying insurance information

If any of these apply to your practice, get in touch with Prospa Billing today and we’ll help make it easier for you and your team.
Escape from Billing Problems Today


Outsource insurance billing.


Get paid faster.


Easy reconciliation and accurate write-offs.

Here is what our customers have to say: 

We absolutely love Prospa Billing! We are a busy cosmetic general practice and Prospa Billing has really impressed us from day 1 and we are so thankful with how much they do and how much follow-up they give us on a daily basis. Highly recommend!


Grayhawk Dental Associates, AZ

Had a wonderful experience with Prospa for our billing and insurance A/R needs. Dana and Mani were very responsive and attentive to our individual needs. We had some initial road bumps, but an excellent service all around. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource insurance based billing.

Dr. Patel

South Jersey Smiles, NJ

Love Prospa Billing! We are so pleased that we outsourced our billing to them. They ramped up our collections and lifted a big load off of our front desk. Their communication is THE BEST and come highly recommended!

Kimberly Sharpe

Elegance Dental Southington, CT

“We are so glad that we found Prospa Billing to take care of our billing needs. They ramped up very quickly when they came aboard. With in 3-weeks, 90% of our A/R was current. Prospa billing staff is knowledgeable, diligent & pro-active when it comes to dental billing. Highly recommended!!”

Dr. Manmeet Kour

Zen Family Dental, Fairfax, VA

The people at Prospa Billing are amazing, I would highly endorse them to anyone looking to outsource their billing!!!! they are always there ready and willing to help. Always very quick to respond through Slack and phone calls! Thanks, Prospa Billing for providing our office with such an amazing team!

Dr. K

Chatham Dental Center, CT

We are Billing Experts of WinOMS


WinOMS software is very popular within oral surgery practices. But it is complex to learn and requires a lot of training to ensure it is used effectively. It takes time and resources to train a new staff on this complex software. Not to mention, the billing inefficiencies due to under training of staff can cause huge loss. On top of it there is always a risk of employee turnover, which means additional cost to your business.


Instead, you can rely on Prospa Billing Experts to manage billing part of your practice. We have many years of experience implementing and managing WinOMS software for oral surgery practices, and we are standing by to help you get started.

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We make your practice run smoothly and seamlessly to ensure fast turnaround and payments to improve your cash flow.


Experienced and dedicated account representatives provide unmatched service, support and communication.


Our fees are much lower than the competition, and our success depends on your success.


We understand the issues faced by dental surgery practices and have built our expertise around helping them run more profitably.


You work hard running an oral surgery practice and taking care of your patients. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time doing the hard and painful work of insurance billing and collections.

Let us do that for you. We’re experts in dealing with insurance billing and have helped many practices just like yours make the process faster and easier.

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