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We’ll verify your patient’s insurance benefits in order to improve patient satisfaction and enhance the profitability of your dental practice.

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Why Dental Insurance Verification?

Dental insurance is a notoriously complex industry filled with evolving coverage restrictions, yearly plan changes, waiting periods, and confusing language that can be difficult to understand. When a patient’s insurance is incorrectly verified – or not verified at all – your practice may mistakenly treat a patient without insurance coverage, or dental claims from routine appointments and expensive procedures may be denied.
When a patient receives a bill for unexpected out-of-pocket insurance costs, they may be confused, or even angry, which can lead to negative feelings toward your practice, even though the misunderstanding was not intentional. The patient may also not have the financial ability to pay the bill, which can lead to a months-long process of trying unsuccessfully to receive payment for your services, as well as hours of wasted staff time that could be better spent on patient care.

Prospa Billing can help your dental practice increase your cash flow, save valuable time for your administrative staff, and minimize the burden of chasing after unpaid accounts, all with our professional Dental Insurance Verification services.

When You Outsource Your Dental Insurance Verification To Us, We Guarantee To:

Eliminate unnecessary work for your administrative staff

Provide accurate and up-to-date insurance information to your patients

Precisely estimate the portion of the treatment that will be covered by insurance, as well as the out-of-pocket portion that will be the patient’s responsibility

Allow you to collect accurate co-pays at the time of service, and reduce accounts receivables

Allow for understanding of patient insurance coverage while formulating a treatment plan

Help you create a loyal and happy patient base

How Our Team Can Help

When you trust the team at Prospa Billing for your Dental Insurance Verification needs, we will be your reliable partner as we deliver insurance verification with 100% accuracy.
  • NWe complete all verifications at least 48 hours before the patient’s appointment
  • NWe’ll update your practice management software with the patient’s verified insurance information, including plan maximums, deductibles, and coverage specifics
  • NWe’ll always confirm the accuracy and completion of every verification form

Top Reasons To Select Our Dental Insurance Verification Services

Gain Patient Trust

With better dental insurance verification, you’ll avoid the difficult conversation of telling your patients they owe more than your initial quote. These unexpected surprise costs can lead to frustration and even anger. Patient satisfaction leads to referrals, balances that are paid on time, and above all, a more profitable practice.

Reduce Accounts Receivable

Eliminate the time, hassle, and wasted staff resources involved in chasing down past due accounts receivables. When you have accurate insurance information on file for your patients, you can provide better treatment estimates with precise out-of-pocket costs, reducing the chance of a balance due after treatment. Keep your accounts receivable amounts low with the best dental insurance verification!

Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year

Every year, dental practices lose thousands due to unpaid invoices that fall between the amount of a patient’s co-pay and the amount insurance will cover. In addition to the frustration of trying to collect these past due bills, your patients may feel misled, betrayed, or may not have the financial ability to pay. Eliminate all of these issues, and increase patient satisfaction, by outsourcing your dental insurance verification to Prospa Billing.

Give Your Patients A Renewed Sense Of Trust And Loyalty With Our Dental Insurance Verification Services.

Contact us to learn how our dental insurance verification can help you maximize revenue and modernize your practice management

Choose Our Dental Insurance Verification For Superior Patient Care

We’ll help your front office team focus on what they do best – caring for your patients. By offering the best Dental Insurance Verification services, we’ll grow your office revenue, alleviate your administrative burden, and modernize your practice to meet evolving patient insurance demands.

Are You Ready To Maximize Your Revenue With The Best Dental Insurance Verification Services?

We’ll help grow your business, boost your revenue, and provide 100% accurate patient insurance information to give peace of mind for practice management. Our dental insurance verification is fast and easy – contact us to get started today.

Hear from Dental Practices who are using our Dental Insurance Verification Service !

We absolutely love Prospa Billing! We are a busy cosmetic general practice and Prospa Billing has really impressed us from day 1 and we are so thankful with how much they do and how much follow-up they give us on a daily basis. Highly recommend!


Grayhawk Dental Associates, AZ

Had a wonderful experience with Prospa for our billing and insurance A/R needs. Dana and Mani were very responsive and attentive to our individual needs. We had some initial road bumps, but an excellent service all around. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource insurance based billing.

Dr. Patel

South Jersey Smiles, NJ

Love Prospa Billing! We are so pleased that we outsourced our billing to them. They ramped up our collections and lifted a big load off of our front desk. Their communication is THE BEST and come highly recommended!

Kimberly Sharpe

Elegance Dental Southington, CT

“We are so glad that we found Prospa Billing to take care of our billing needs. They ramped up very quickly when they came aboard. With in 3-weeks, 90% of our A/R was current. Prospa billing staff is knowledgeable, diligent & pro-active when it comes to dental billing. Highly recommended!!”

Dr. Manmeet Kour

Zen Family Dental, Fairfax, VA

The people at Prospa Billing are amazing, I would highly endorse them to anyone looking to outsource their billing!!!! they are always there ready and willing to help. Always very quick to respond through Slack and phone calls! Thanks, Prospa Billing for providing our office with such an amazing team!

Dr. K

Chatham Dental Center, CT