Improve Patient Care

You can focus more on Patient Care by outsourcing your Billing to Prospa Billing Experts

What's more painful than toothache? Chasing money for your dental work.

Reduce the hassle of billing and paperwork, get paid faster and improve your dental practice performance

Increase Revenue

Increase your income with timely submission of claims and increased reimbursements.

#1 Outsourced Dental Billing

Outsourced Remote Dental Billing for a Stress-Free Practice

Focus More on Patients, Not Paperwork

Imagine a day at your dental practice where billing hassles are a thing of the past. Our team of skilled dental billing professionals are here to make that a reality.

Our Comprehensive dental billing solution elevates your practice revenue. We handle all the areas of dental billing cycle including dental claims submissions, collections, payment posting, follow ups and insurance verifications, ensuring you get paid promptly and accurately. With a dental billing company like us, paperwork and billing stress are reduced, allowing you to concentrate on providing fantastic patient care.

Our friendly, US-based support team is always ready to assist, ensuring your dental billing process is smooth and efficient.

Dental Billing Services for Your Practice Success

We Help You Grow Your Dental Practice

Dental Insurance Billing

Our team expertly manages every aspect, from claim submissions to follow-ups. This means less hassle for you and more focus on patient care.

Claims Submission

We prepare and submit your claims. Our team’s precision ensures a high first-pass claim acceptance rate, aligning with or surpassing industry standards.

Payment Posting

We meticulously process and post insurance payments and adjustments for each claim and handle secondary claims when needed, ensuring complete financial accuracy.

Dental Insurance Verification

Accurately verify patient insurance with ease. Our team ensures precise coverage checks, avoiding billing errors and streamlining your practice’s workflow.

Oral Surgery Surgical Billing

Oral surgery billing can be intricate, but not for our team. Our experienced billers efficiently manage all aspects of billing for your oral surgery practice.

Patient Billing Statements

We provide detailed and understandable statements, making it easier for your patients to view their charges and payments. This service helps in enhancing patient satisfaction.

Improve Your Practice Billing & Collections

Dental Billing Solution for Every Dental Focus

We offer the perfect dental billing solution for all kinds of dentistry. Whether you are a general dentist, specialized dentist or a multi-specialty practice, our expert dental billing team can help. Our highly trained billers take care of time-consuming billing tasks, from claim submissions to A/R follow-ups, aiming to increase your revenue and enhance your collections.

Just like your dental specialty, our Prospa Billing Experts have years of experience and are specialized in


General Dentistry Billing


Oral Surgery Billing


Pediatric Dentistry Billing


Orthodontics Dental Billing


Endodontics Dental Billing


Periodontics Dental Billing

We offer the perfect billing service for you.

With Prospa Billing handling your dental insurance billing, you can dedicate more time to what you do best – caring for your patients.

Get In Touch today to find out how to outsource dental billing.

Dental Billing for all General & Specialty Dental Practices

Dental & Medical Billing for Oral Surgeries

Your Dental Practice’s Billing Revolution

The Benefits We Bring to Your Dental Practice

Whether you are single provider dental practice or a multi-practice DSO, Prospa Billing Experts are here to support all your billing needs and are fully committed to increasing your revenue and improving your collections.

Save Money

Cut down your practice’s expenses. Outsourcing your dental billing to us means you need less staff for these tasks. This change lets you use your resources better, focusing more on patient care.

Improve Cash Flow

Our team manages your claims carefully and quickly, helping you collect more money faster and making your practice more financially stable.

Simplified Insurance Verification

Prospa simplifies the insurance verification process for you. We do all the checks, confirm patient details, insurance benefits & coverage before the treatment plan. Hence making your billing process smooth.

Eliminate Billing Errors

Say goodbye to mistakes in billing. Prospa handles your claims with precision, ensuring every detail is correct. This means fewer errors and more reliable billing for your practice.

You focus on your patients and let us handle the rest

Why Prospa Billing?

Our aim is to provide stress-free billing and increase revenue collection for our clients. 

Operational excellence

We make your practice run smoothly and seamlessly to ensure fast turnaround and payments to improve your cash flow.

Outstanding service

Experienced and dedicated account representatives provide unmatched service, support and communication.

Affordable fees

Our fees are much lower than the competition, and our success depends on your success.

Health Care Billing specialists

We understand the issues faced by dental practices and have built our expertise around helping them run more profitably.

Here is what our customers have to say: 

We absolutely love Prospa Billing! We are a busy cosmetic general practice and Prospa Billing has really impressed us from day 1 and we are so thankful with how much they do and how much follow-up they give us on a daily basis. Highly recommend!


Grayhawk Dental Associates, AZ

Had a wonderful experience with Prospa for our billing and insurance A/R needs. Dana and Mani were very responsive and attentive to our individual needs. We had some initial road bumps, but an excellent service all around. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource insurance based billing.

Dr. Patel

South Jersey Smiles, NJ

Love Prospa Billing! We are so pleased that we outsourced our billing to them. They ramped up our collections and lifted a big load off of our front desk. Their communication is THE BEST and come highly recommended!

Kimberly Sharpe

Elegance Dental Southington, CT

“We are so glad that we found Prospa Billing to take care of our billing needs. They ramped up very quickly when they came aboard. With in 3-weeks, 90% of our A/R was current. Prospa billing staff is knowledgeable, diligent & pro-active when it comes to dental billing. Highly recommended!!”

Dr. Manmeet Kour

Zen Family Dental, Fairfax, VA

The people at Prospa Billing are amazing, I would highly endorse them to anyone looking to outsource their billing!!!! they are always there ready and willing to help. Always very quick to respond through Slack and phone calls! Thanks, Prospa Billing for providing our office with such an amazing team!

Dr. K

Chatham Dental Center, CT

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