Making Payments Happen Faster

Get fast and easy patient billing for your dental practice.

We focus on sending patient billing statements that are easy for your patients to understand, making the payment process faster and more efficient.

Our patient billing services team ensures every statement is clear, straightforward, and sent on time. This leads to quicker payments and positively impacts your practice’s revenue.

Elevate your patient billing with clear statements and faster payments

Our Streamlined Patient Statement Process

Our patient billing services streamline your collections, ensuring a smooth and successful payment management approach.

These processes help you get back 100% of what you are owed.

Statement processing via text message only.

Step 1

Ledger review

We start by auditing each account to ensure all patient balances are correct.

Step 2

First Statement via text message

We quickly text a snapshot of the initial patient statement.

Step 3

Initial Text Reminder

The first weekly text message reminder is sent using apps like Weave or Yapi.

Step 4

Second Text Reminder

A follow-up text message is sent the following week.

Step 5

Second Statement Issuance

The next snapshot of the patient statement is texted for unresolved balances.

Step 6

Third and Final Statement with Notice

A snapshot of the last statement, including a final warning, is texted.
Step 7

Final Warning via Text

The last text message is sent as a final reminder.
Step 8

Action for Non-Response

If there's still no response, we involve your chosen collection agency, providing all necessary documents and adjusting the account as required.


Collect more than 98% of your insurance A/R


Get more than 97.5% Reduction in Your Patient Balances

Revolutionize Your Patient Billing

Experience enhanced financial well-being for your practice and improve your collection ratio with our innovative patient billing solution. Our method stands out as the top choice among practices, saving both time and revenue by using text messaging service for statement delivery.

Here’s why our patient billing services outperform the rest.

Accurate Patient Ledger Audits

We perform thorough audits on patient ledger accounts, ensuring the patient balance and credits are true balances owed. This precision sets the foundation for reliable billing.

Timely and Detailed Patient billing Statements

We prioritise clear communication by issuing detailed statements consistently. This regularity ensures patients are always informed and ready to settle their balances.

Patient Contact

Following each statement, we send weekly text reminders to patients, encouraging timely payments. Our dental patient billing specialists directly reach out to ensure every patient understands their balance and has the means to pay, including convenient electronic payment links for quick transactions.

Continuous Contact for Outstanding Balances

We don’t stop at one or two reminders. For unpaid balances, we intensify our efforts by sending additional statements coupled with regular text reminders. This approach is persistent but respectful, maintaining patient relationships while ensuring your practice’s financial health.

Dedicated Billing Line

To offer personal and localized support managing incoming patient billing inquiries, which most competitors do not offer, we provide a dedicated dental patient billing line with an area code that matches your office. This line, complete with a custom voicemail, ensures patients can easily get in touch with billing questions, which our team promptly addresses within 24 hours. We will log each call under “Patient Call Log” in your custom Dashboard.

Proactive AR Management

We actively keep your Patient Accounts Receivable (AR) clean. By setting up payment plans as per your practice’s criteria and taking decisive action when balances remain unpaid, we ensure your financials are always in order.

Regular Accountability Reports

Stay informed with our comprehensive reports available on your custom Dashboard. These reports cover vital metrics like the number of patient billing statements issued, incoming patient calls, outgoing patient calls, patient balances collected, accounts referred to collections, and remaining unresolved accounts, giving you a clear overview of your practice’s financial status. We will also document the status of the account in your patient’s account in your Practice Management System.

Discover the Delight of our happy Dental Practice Owners

We absolutely love Prospa Billing! We are a busy cosmetic general practice and Prospa Billing has really impressed us from day 1 and we are so thankful with how much they do and how much follow-up they give us on a daily basis. Highly recommend!


Grayhawk Dental Associates, AZ

Had a wonderful experience with Prospa for our billing and insurance A/R needs. Dana and Mani were very responsive and attentive to our individual needs. We had some initial road bumps, but an excellent service all around. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource insurance based billing.

Dr. Patel

South Jersey Smiles, NJ

Love Prospa Billing! We are so pleased that we outsourced our billing to them. They ramped up our collections and lifted a big load off of our front desk. Their communication is THE BEST and come highly recommended!

Kimberly Sharpe

Elegance Dental Southington, CT

“We are so glad that we found Prospa Billing to take care of our billing needs. They ramped up very quickly when they came aboard. With in 3-weeks, 90% of our A/R was current. Prospa billing staff is knowledgeable, diligent & pro-active when it comes to dental billing. Highly recommended!!”

Dr. Manmeet Kour

Zen Family Dental, Fairfax, VA

The people at Prospa Billing are amazing, I would highly endorse them to anyone looking to outsource their billing!!!! they are always there ready and willing to help. Always very quick to respond through Slack and phone calls! Thanks, Prospa Billing for providing our office with such an amazing team!

Dr. K

Chatham Dental Center, CT