Meet our Team

Manny Sidhu

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Prospa Billing, Manny has built a robust, flexible dental billing company with years of successful revenue cycle management for over a hundred clients. This success is built on the understanding that Prospa clients are the most important part of our business. He has learned in ten years as a healthcare industry vendor that each dentist’s economic situation is unique and attention to their particular needs is vital to helping them succeed.

Manny has assembled a skilled, knowledgeable team of experts with decades of experience in dental office operations, including dental and medical billing, claims management, and insurance communications. To best serve our dentists, we hire billing specialists who are skilled and empathetic. They understand the demands of dental billing and insurance collections, and they have the knowledge and desire to ease that burden for our clients.

Our goal at Prospa is to maintain the best dental billing company for our clients so that they can collect one hundred percent of their rightfully earned revenue. We want to empower our dentists with an efficient, accurate billing solution so that they and their staff can concentrate on what they do best: taking care of patients.

Dana Apuy

Chief Operating Officer

Dana has over twenty-eight years of experience in revenue cycle management, credentialing, dental coding and billing. Her expertise has made her a driving force in the dental industry and behind Prospa’s success as she combines depth and breadth of industry knowledge with swift analysis to design and direct efficient solutions for Prospa’s clients. She is certified in ADA Coding and Billing (ADCA), possesses an American Dental Coders Association Certification, and is a member of the ADCA National Advisory Board. Dana is well-versed in plan laws and compliant billing for federal insurance plans as well as PPO, HMO, and Medicaid plans. She has served as an expert auditor for Dentaquest across five states. She is highly trained in HIPPA compliance and is proficient with all major dental software programs, both traditional and cloud based. In her fifteen years of experience in the burgeoning field of remote dental billing, Dana has helped numerous remote billing companies and dental professionals achieve efficient revenue cycle management processes.

Kristin Ashby

Senior Client Success Manager

Kristin has worked in the dental industry for over three years, during which time she has worked closely with dentists and their staff to help them improve billing practices and lower their AR. As Prospa’s Senior Client Success Manager, her commitment to clear, effective communication with clients and Prospa staff ensures that clients’ needs are met in a timely manner by our skilled and knowledgeable team members. Outside of work, Kristin enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling with her husband and children.

Sherri Gillette

Sherri has worked in the dental industry for twenty-seven years. Her experience includes twenty-two years working with oral surgery practices in addition to five years in general practice, pediatrics, and orthodontics. Sherri’s deep knowledge of dental and medical coding and insurance guidelines was acquired during her time as an RCM supervisor, AR supervisor, and office manager. In addition to her vast stores of knowledge, she knows how to effectively communicate to colleagues and clients so that complex, frustrating situations become clear. Sherri loves analyzing accounts, maximizing payments for offices, and watching AR numbers decrease. She is the proud mom of two amazing kids and enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting with her family.

Jane McClain

Client Success manager

Jane has worked in the dental field for seventeen years in both general dentistry and oral and facial surgery offices. With over a decade of experience working closely with doctors and patients, and intimate knowledge of multiple patient management systems, both traditional and cloud-based, she offers a wealth of knowledge to serve Prospa’s clients. Jane’s attention to detail, passion for hard work, and commitment to her team has helped her form strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike. She has been happily married since 2010, and she and her husband have two sons. Whether traveling, visiting the beach, or just enjoying life at home, Jane loves to be with her family.

Barb Howard

Client Success Manager – OMS

Barbra has worked in the dental industry for fifteen years. During that time, she has gained a solid understanding of the challenges faced by dentists and their staff. Barbra has spent time as a patient coordinator, insurance coordinator, AR specialist, and office manager. She enjoys deploying her investigative and problem-solving skills to reduce clients’ AR and get claims paid.

Suzanne Bourgoyne

Lead Biller

Suzanne has 28 years of experience in the dental field with 16 years in a management position. She is a mother to two boys 15 and 21 year old and a wife to her husband for the last 26 years. Suzanne enjoys time spent with family and friends. Over the last 28 yrs she has attended various seminars and has experience in multiple dental software’s. She takes pride in all that she does.

Barbara Kallay

Client Success Manager

Barbara has worked in the healthcare insurance industry for over thirty years, with ten of those years in the dentistry field. In addition to her experience as an AR specialist, she has worked as both a billing manager and office manager in dental offices. Barbara enjoys a challenge and is always eager to help a new Prospa client. Her attention to detail, dependability, and willingness to work collaboratively with her colleagues make her a valued member of the Prospa team. Barbara and her husband recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing board games with her husband and daughter.

Haley Coogan

Client Success Manager

Haley began her work in the dental field eight years ago. As a former office manager, she understands the importance of accurate billing and she knows how to work doggedly with insurance companies to ensure claims are paid. Haley’s work ethic, excellent communication skills, and willingness to take on a challenge make her a valued member of the Prospa team and an asset to our clients. When she is not working, Haley enjoys hiking, trying out new coffee shops, and exploring her community with her son.