6 Reasons to do a Medical Billing Assessment

By Manny Sidhu


March 13, 2020

Medical billing is a critical component of any medical practice that values patient satisfaction and efficiency of operations. A medical billing assessment can help you find out how you can improve your operations.

A medical billing assessment is essentially an audit of your medical billing statements. It highlights areas of operations you are doing well in as well as areas you can improve in. A medical billing assessment provides a detailed analysis of your medical billing and collection history.

If your practice is not running at its highest efficiency, a medical billing assessment can reveal issues you are experiencing, so you know exactly what you need to work on.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should consider getting a medical billing assessment done for your medical practice.

1. Catch Medical Billing Mistakes

A medical billing assessment can help identify critical billing mistakes. Even after years in the field, you and your staff could be making billing mistakes that are costing you hundreds – even thousands – every year. A medical billing assessment could pinpoint the mistakes you are making, so you can reduce lost revenue in the future.

For many, the solution to this problem is outsourcing their billing services. Outsourcing this service can help your staff focus on patient care and day to day operations of the office.

2. Optimize Your Medical Billing Services

Medical billing assessments help you analyze the front and back end of billing. Your billing assessment will review all aspects of your medical billing practices and recommend changes that will optimize it. Medical billing assessments focus on improving efficiency, effectiveness, and overall cost of billing services in your practice. Recommendations will help you improve the way your practice does business, so that at the end of the day, you have sound and successful business operations in place.

3. Get a Technologically-Advanced Solution to Your Medical Billing Issues

Technology and techniques in medical bill services are everchanging. Medical billing assessments account for services, techniques, and technologies available that can improve the way you do business and collect your bills. If you have been in practice for years, there are definitely ways you can improve your medical billing – even if your current system has worked in the past.

4. Focus on What You Do Best

As a physician, you want to provide medical care to patients. Your staff is there to assist patients and manage the practice. Medical billing assessments can help highlight how much time you and your staff are spending on billing that could be better spent somewhere else.

5. Affordable Services

A medical billing assessment is very affordable, considering the benefits you can get from it in the long run. Many medical practices believe they are running their billing services well, when in reality, there are areas that can be improved. These improvements often lead to more revenue, which makes up for the cost of getting a medical billing assessment done.

6. Improve Patient Satisfaction

When you have sound and efficient billing practices in place, your patients are likely to be better satisfied with their care. There are few things worse than getting a surprise bill after getting medical care. A medical billing assessment can help improve the way your practice bills insurance companies and patients for services and treatments, so there are no unexpected billing surprises that will leave your patients confused or disappointed.

Get A Medical Billing Assessment Done Today

Prospa Billing can provide specialized information about your medical or dental practice’s performance through a comprehensive medical billing assessment. Our highly skilled coders and medical billing professionals work to help medical and dental practices improve their bottom line and increase patient satisfaction.

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