Sleep Apnea Billing

Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea and excessive snoring are becoming a widespread problem in the United States. Most patients have heard of a CPAP, but not everyone has heard about the oral devices available to solve various sleep-related problems.

Dental sleep apnea treatment is a win-win for most patients and dentists. Obtaining dental treatment is more cost effective for patients, as well as easier than finding referrals for sleep studies or surgery and dealing with durable medical equipment stores for the rental or purchase of a CPAP. Most dentists are already equipped to diagnose and treat sleep apnea with this potentially life-altering dental appliance.

#1 Outsourced Dental Billing

Special Sleep Apnea Billing and Collections

At Prospa Billing, we can organize and manage your billing and collections in the creation of these oral appliances for patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Billing for diagnosing sleep apnea in the dental setting and creating the appliance needed can be tricky. Medicare and major medical insurance will cover this service, but there are curl no dental codes dedicated specifically for it.

Prospa Billing will submit your medical claims for dental sleep apnea treatment, as well as help ensure you collect all the criteria necessary to obtain full reimbursement. We will keep your office apprised of all the information needed to file a successful claim, including the physical’s diagnosis, prescription, patient data (both medical and sleep history), and the detailed documentation required with the examination findings. We also obtain pre-authorizations where necessary. We do all the billing and collections work for you.

How Does This Benefit Your Office?

Our services make your office run more efficiently:


You have more time to spend with your patients and spend less time doing paperwork.


Your staff does not have to spend time doing follow-up with insurance companies.


You save money on time and training for this specialized billing. We are already trained on how to do it.


You get the maximum reimbursements allowed.

The sleep apnea oral appliances are easier on the patient, highly effective, and do not require studies or surgery. We can help you provide this increasingly popular treatment for your patients while saving time on paperwork and with the assurance of the best reimbursement available.

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