Do you have questions about Prospa Billing’s services? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

Why should I outsource my dental billing?

Outsourcing your complex dental billing process significantly increases your confidence that your practice’s billing is being handled accurately and efficiently. Prospa Billing spares you the time, effort, and expense associated with creating and maintaining the skilled workforce needed to achieve optimal reimbursement for your practice.

Having to provide staffing, documentation, record keeping, and space for in-office billing can result in substantial cost to your practice and may still not provide the level of expertise required to ensure that submission of compliant claims produces timely accounts receivable recovery.

Prospa Billing enables you to focus on the most essential element of your practice: patient care. In addition, our clients know their business interests are in the hands of highly experienced professionals.

What makes Prospa Billing different from other dental billing companies that promise to increase reimbursements?

We at Prospa Billing are experts in the field of billing and collections, servicing clients in a variety of dental specialties nationwide. We are detail oriented, provide dedicated follow-up, and contact insurance companies on a continual basis to ensure that you are receiving every penny your practice is entitled to.

We set high-performance goals for ourselves and consistently meet them. Our A/R professionals are dedicated to increasing your practice’s overall collection rate.

How much do you charge for your services?

With the exception of small practices (monthly insurance collections of less than $35,000), our fees are based on a percentage of your practice’s receipts:

  • Small practices are charged $1,250 per month
  • Medium-sized practices with monthly Insurance we collection between $35,000 and $100,000 are charged 3.5%
  • Large practices with monthly Insurance we collection exceeding $100,000 are charged 3.0%

Prospa Billing does not get paid unless your practice gets paid, and our fees are competitive compared with other billing and collections services. For more specific pricing information, please contact us at (844) 663-3686.

What reports does Prospa Billing provide?

We provide monthly Practice Performance reports, which enable you to monitor the month-to-month financial performance of your practice and identify any long-term trends and natural variance in the performance of your practice over time.

Included in the report is critical practice data over previous months while comparing the data with industry standard benchmarks. This includes total patients, insurance A/R by aging category, patient A/R by aging category, total receipts, and more.

How quickly can Prospa Billing begin serving my medical or dental practice?

Processing your billing and collections can begin in as few as 7 business days. First, however, let’s arrange a meeting to discuss our services, your information, and all the insurance companies your practice participates with. The sooner we communicate, the sooner your practice can start increasing its revenue.

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If you have other questions, or you’re ready to take advantage of Prospa Billing’s billing and collections services, contact us today toll-free at (844) 663-3686 or use our online form to arrange a free consultation.