30-day free trial
30-day free trial

You do the fillings.
We’ll fill your bank account.

Helping pediatric dental practices reduce the hassle of billing and paperwork, get paid faster and improve practice performance. Try us FREE for 30 days!

Try us FREE for 30 days!

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Did you know that the average pediatric dental practice spends around $3,000 per month on extra staff to manage billings and collections?

As a professional pediatric dentist, you need your team focused on providing the best possible care to your patients. You don’t want to waste countless hours chasing money, dealing with insurance companies and hiring additional staff to manage billing.

If you’re sick of the hassle of billing and payments and all that overwhelming paperwork, simply outsource your billing and collection headaches to Prospa Billing. We make it look like child’s play.

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Sick of complex paperwork, errors and late payments?

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about:

Hiring extra staff to do collections and billing
Dealing with staff turnover and retraining
Billing errors that cost you time
and money
Correcting and verifying insurance information
​Angry and confused patients who don’t understand their statements
Managing credentialing process with insurance providers

Imagine no more. You can remove all these headaches with a simple 20 minute call to Prospa Billing. Our specialist team is standing by to manage all aspects of billing and collections so you get more cash flowing faster. Then you can get on with taking care of your patients and running a great dental practice.

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“Submitting dental insurance claims and billing patients has become so complex it’s nearly impossible to manage. Our practice has Prospa Billing do all the heavy lifting. Our previously chaotic billing and collections is now in good order and revenues have increased by 10-12% in a few short months.”

Dr. Jay, Admire Dental, Bristol, CT

Prospa Billing can help you

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about:

Save money

Eliminate costly errors

Save time

Avoid costly delays

Increase cash flow

Get paid faster

Keep patients informed

Customizable billing statements

Automatic claim adjustments

Receive 100% of payments

Payment posting

Easy reconciliation with itemized EOBs

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“Our small dental practice was overwhelmed with insurance claim paperwork that resulted in errors and long reimbursement delays. Since we entrusted our billing and collections to Prospa Billing our operations are running smoothly and profitably.”
Dr. Bajwa, Elegance Dental, Southington, CT

Why choose Prospa Billing?

Operational excellence

We make your practice run smoothly and seamlessly to ensure fast turnaround and payments to improve your cash flow.

Outstanding service

Experienced and dedicated account representatives provide unmatched service, support and communication.

Affordable fees

Our fees are much lower than the competition, and our success depends on your success.

Dental practice specialists

We understand the issues faced by dental practices and have built our expertise around helping them run more profitably.

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“Who has the time to deal with all the paperwork and follow-up for billing and collections? We rely on Prospa Billing for fast claims turnaround, accounts receivable follow-up and timely reimbursement to keep our practices running smoothly.”
Dr. Narang, South Main Dental Torrington, CT

Outsource the pain,
keep the gain

You work hard running a great dental practice and taking care of your patients. Why should you have to spend so much of your valuable time doing the hard and painful work of billing and chasing payments?

Let us do that for you. We’re specialists in outsourced billing and collections and provide this service to many dental practices just like yours.

We’ll take care of that so you can take care of your patients and focus on growing your practice. And maybe even get some more time for yourself and your family.

You deserve it.

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